Welcome to my blog (at last!)

Here it is, my long-awaited travel blog and story of how I escaped the rat-race (hopefully). This should have been live back in June 2015 – see the first blog for more details – but better to be late than never!

My intention is to do weekly updates but don’t hold me to it as access to good WiFi is not always guaranteed. Although, predominantly a travel blog I may well wander to other subjects and even try to be informative and educational if you’re lucky.

While I can’t promise too much with the quality of my writing these short-comings will possibly be disguised by some stunning images of the places visited.

If you’re not bored yet and returned back to Facebook instead of reading any further, can I encourage you to get in touch with any comments you may have – even if it’s just to let me know there’s still somebody out there.

Hope you enjoy it.