“Drive on the right!”

I normally plod along the motorway doing 65 but today we were in danger of missing our ferry so I may have inadvertently been speeding at some point. Our late departure – no reason – meant that I hadn’t even put on my GB sticker so I have to pull into a Calais side street and do the business there.

Historical Strasbourg.

Historical Strasbourg.

The first test for my brand new satnav is to direct us to Indigo Campsite on the edge of the Bois de Boulogne, Paris. Note to self; don’t arrive in Paris during rush hour – scary!

After three nights we’re back on the right side of the road heading to Strasbourg. I’m on the wrong side of the road to pay the tolls so Carole has the job of operating the mostly automated machines before receiving an impatient toot from the car behind.

Strasbourg is beautiful and well worth a visit. Once again, we’re staying at an Indigo Campsite but this one is much nicer than it’s sister in Paris. We find a great place to eat near the tram stop. The food is reasonably priced, filling and the girl behind the counter smiles encouragingly at my attempts to speak the local lingo.