About this Blog

Why Nomadism?

Here’s a definition from britannica.com

“Nomadism, way of life of peoples who do not live continually in the same place but move cyclically or periodically… Nomadism does not imply unrestricted and undirected wandering; rather, it is based on temporary centres whose stability depends on the availability of food supply and the technology for exploiting it.”

And in the 21st century…

“Neo-nomadism, it is the mobility of his/her home that characterises the nomad; thus the “neo-nomad” or traveller, positions himself or herself on the fringes of contemporary societies dominated by the values of sedentariness and residence.”
Both of the above are fair descriptions of my life. This is my lifestyle of choice today, but tomorrow, I may well live in a suburban three-bed semi once more but name it ‘Dunroaming’. It’s not unusual for some people to assume I’m rich to be living in such a manner but I can assure you my resources are far from limitless. I’ve not won the lottery but consider myself very lucky to be living this adventure and implore you to one day take your own journey. This blog has two aims. Firstly, to inform family and friends of our whereabouts and exciting escapades. Secondly, to encourage them, and everybody else, to reject the rat-race, find better ways to exist and join us out in the big wide world.